About the Institute for Future Insights (i4fi)

i4fi continuously investigates long-term (mega)trends and their impact on businesses and society. The results are communicated through the website, social media, books as well as through high-impact presentations on a wide range of topics and to a wide range of audiences.

We offer businesses insights into how these trends affect them, and tools to turn these insights into powerful ideas for innovation.

i4fi was founded by Frederic De Meyer, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in business strategy, business development and market intelligence. 

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The impact of megatrends on your business

In this original work, Frederic De Meyer gives multiple examples of how major societal shifts are impacting on all types of businesses, often indirectly and subtly. This book provides concrete, practical advice on how to use megatrends to generate innovative ideas and understand the challenges of your customers and how to best benefit from this knowledge.

"Frederic offers a unique insight of how global changes translate into new business opportunities. This book is an essential tool for any future-oriented manager or entrepreneur and anyone involved in innovation strategies" - Philippe De Ridder, co-founder, Board of Innovation

"Designing a good strategy is quite a challenge. In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming difficult to recognize the core from the noise. This book gives you the necessary insights to focus on the themes that are crucial to the future of your company. A must read!"-J. De Flander, author of Strategy Execution Heroes


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Market Intelligence for decision takers

In this white paper Frederic De Meyer gets to the fundamentals for data-driven decision making. From demystifying market intelligence, to a bottom-line explanation of how to understand market data and use it for strategic insights, this white paper should be in the mind of every professional who works with planning or corporate strategy.


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